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Community Spirit

Like another day we arrived at work on Tuesday started to set up ready for another busy day, then Luigi started barking from the warehouse next door, possibly a delivery? maybe an intruder? Nope a 13.31 tide, it hit us like a ton of bricks nobody can be prepared for such a large amount of water in such a short space of time! The water came and kept coming the whole cafe was flooded from the kitchen to the counter, luckily for us our wonderful team of staff arrived and some locals passing by offered help, with buckets brushes and mops we got the water out (nearly 2 ft) 14 hours later the cafe is good as new.

What a fright, other than some frayed nerves, fridges and freezers the damage was minimal and we were pretty lucky but I am most grateful for all the help received in our time of need, It's heartwarming to see that community spirit is still alive and there are some absolute wonderful people in this world.

We can't thank you enough.

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